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Free machine translation can leak data

By Barbara McClintock, C. Tr.

A July 2014 article in TC World explains how free machine translation (MT) sites and free Wi-Fi at airports and coffee shops can leak data. Data security can be breached by unencrypted Internet use by employees and “whenever they send translation jobs off to their contractors.” The author points to Google Translate, Microsoft Bing Translator, Babylon and other free translation sites, as well as their mobile equivalents, as possible sources of leaks. Don DePalma, the founder and Chief Strategy Officer at the independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory, considers that the use of free MT sites is a growing security threat. He cites Google Translate’s disclosure that 200 million people use its free MT every day. Free online MT represents “just one of the many corporate holes through which data can leak.” However, organizations have not recognized or addressed the issue yet, according to Mr. DePalma.


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