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CTV News reports that a nursing exam was poorly translated into English

Par Barbara McClintock

On November 12, 2014, CTV News reported on television and on its website about the plight of a group of nursing students. After writing their licensing exam on September 22, the 200 students signed a petition complaining that the English translation of the exam “wasn’t up to par.” The students said that some questions had issues with syntax, grammar and vocabulary. The group thought that a French-speaking person had done the translation and that the poor translation created a bias against candidates who chose to write the exam in English. The representative of the Ordre des infirmières et des infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ) said in an on-camera interview that a careful process had been followed to have the exam translated into English by a professional translator and reviewed. The English and French copies were sent to a nurse whose mother tongue was English. Then, the English exam was proofread for a second time by another Anglophone nurse. However, something must have gone wrong because all the candidates remembered one question that read “So what is your most hypothesis?” The students were still waiting to hear if they had passed on the date of the newscast. The OIIQ representative stated that all 135 questions would be studied and a decision would be made. The students said they hoped that their comments would help the OIIQ to improve the exam next year.

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