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From the parrot’s mouth – ChatGPT par lui-même

Quoi de mieux, pour comprendre l’intelligence artificielle générative que d'interroger un logiciel qui utilise cette technologie. Nous avons donc demandé à Chat GPT-4 de nous donner une description simple et imagée de son fonctionnement. Nous n’avons pas été déçus!

Imagine GPT-4 as a Super-Smart Parrot

Imagine you have a parrot, but it's not an ordinary parrot. This parrot has listened to millions of conversations from all around the world. It's heard stories, facts, jokes, and has picked up on a lot of human language. When you talk to this parrot, it can respond in a way that sounds like it understands you, using the information it has heard before.

How GPT-4 "Listens" and "Learns"

Now, in the computer world, instead of "listening" like our parrot, GPT-4 "reads" a lot of text. It has read books, articles, websites, and more. By doing so, it learns patterns in language – like which words tend to go together or how sentences are generally structured.

The Brain of the Parrot: Neural Networks

Inside the parrot's head (or in the case of GPT-4, inside the computer), there's something called a "neural network." Imagine this as a super complex web where each point is like a tiny decision-maker. When you talk to the parrot, your words travel through this web, and at each point, decisions are made based on the patterns the parrot has learned. At the end of this journey, the parrot comes up with a response.

The Magic Word: "Generative"

Now, our parrot is "generative." This means it doesn't just repeat things it has heard exactly as they were. Instead, it can mix and match, create new sentences, and come up with unique responses. It's like giving the parrot a topic, say "unicorns," and it can generate a story or fact about unicorns, even if it's never heard that exact story before.

But, It's Not Perfect

Remember, though, our parrot is still a parrot. It might sound smart, but it doesn't truly "understand" things like humans do. It's going by patterns and what it has heard. Sometimes, it might get things wrong, or might say things that don't make sense. That's why, even though it's super impressive, it's always good to double-check if what it says sounds a bit off.

And that's GPT-4! It's like a super-smart, well-read parrot that uses a big web of decisions to chat with you. It's part of a family of AI models that learn from lots of data and can generate new, creative outputs. 

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